My Process for Creating Valuable B2B Content

Here, I explain how I create content for businesses I work with and my rationale for doing things how I do them.

If you’d like to work with me, you can reach me here.

I work with content briefs. If you don’t provide one, I’ll send you one with questions to fill out. This brief is what informs how I approach each project.

My basic considerations before writing any article:

  • What pain point is this article trying to solve?
  • Who is the audience, and what is their knowledge level?
  • How does this article tie back to your business goals?

How I create valuable content for B2B businesses:

My process looks something like this:


After receiving a brief that addresses the above considerations, I do some preliminary research and SERP analysis to understand what works, what audiences want, what gaps existing articles miss, and how to differentiate my article.

If I need clarity, have any questions from my research, or require expert insight only you can provide, I get back to you for these insights. Otherwise, I consult external subject matter experts for insights to help me fill knowledge gaps.


I create an outline and send it to you for approval to ensure we’re on the same page about the content’s direction.


I write a clean draft of the article and send it to you for approval. If you have any comments or suggestions, I take them into account and return a final draft.

What makes my writing different?

  • I write for your ideal customer’s knowledge level. This is why I interview subject matter experts.
  • I go straight to the point. This doesn’t always mean short articles. I include everything required to make the article comprehensive and actionable for its ideal audience while avoiding fluff.
  • I back up claims with examples, relevant data, and/or detailed explanations.

How I handle topics I have no experience with:

I consult subject matter experts after doing my own research. If I’m writing product-related or bottom-of-funnel content, I interview SMEs within your company.

Very few freelance writers have direct experience with the topics they write about, so they rely on the high-level content others who also have no experience have put out. That’s why the SERP is filled with surface-level articles that are clones of each other with no valuable bent.

By consulting SMEs within your company, I can get specific examples, use cases, and unique details or explanations to strengthen my articles in ways others are lacking.

Am I the right B2B content writer for you?

I’m the writer you hire when you’re ready to create valuable content that helps your ideal customers and converts them. This often means you’re interested in a collaborative process where necessary or have a content marketing team that’s done most of the groundwork.